The ‘Feel Good’ Goals Trend


I’ve been hearing so much lately about setting goals the right way. Not just by the outcome, but by how it will make you feel when you accomplish the goal.

You’ve seen it yourself, watch the television ads, the soap ad, the cereal ads, it’s not about reaching a number, but a feeling.

Sounds good, but does it work?

I’m in the process of finding out!

Here are my high level goals:

Quarter One:

  • Re-launch the first book in my series The Blue Planet Chronicles: Make a Right at the Milky Way
  • Publish first book in my second series: The Widow Nelson
  • Publish second book in The Blue Planet Chronicles: The Alien in the Rose Garden

So pretty basic in this approach. Here’s how I changed them:

  • I will feel so proud and happy with the revised version of my book being launched.
  • I will feel excited and confident to publish the first book in my attempt at romance/erotica series, The Widow Nelson.
  • I will feel accomplished and satisfied with the publication of the second science fiction novel The Alien in the Rose Garden.
  • I will feel in control and healthy with the change in my lifestyle by following a healthy, easy to follow diet and exercise program this quarter.

The words that come to mind when meeting these goals are: satisfied, accomplished, proud, excited, confident, strong, healthy, talented, skilled, disciplined, capable, achievement, organized, in control, relaxed, calm.

Of course, underneath those goals are sub goals like, ‘completing a marketing plan for Make a Right at the Milky Way will make me feel in control of the book launch and the messaging.’

And underneath the marketing plan would be, ‘writing blog posts two months in advance of the launch will make me feel satisfied that the word about the book will be disbursed throughout my followers.’

And I would add another feeling goal for other Social Media outreach and all the tactics included in a marketing plan.

Just writing it down here makes me feel good and in control and on top of things – organized. I love to feel organized!

What will you feel like if you reach just one of your goals? Seriously, take two minutes and rewrite your goals for the week, if nothing else, in a feeling way. Here’s a helpful start:

  • I will feel like I am a good mom when I attend Jr.’s Football game on Saturday.
  • I will feel like a good wife when I make my husband’s favorite dinner on Sunday night.
  • I will feel in control of my finances when I pay bills this week/month.

See it’s not really that difficult – give it a try and let me know how it works for you?  I’ll write another post at the end of Q1 and let you know what happened.

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That’s a question that seems to echo through my Facebook posts recently. Like, ‘did you know scientists have created mini human brains in labs?’ or ‘did you know that Japanese researchers created eggs and sperms in the laboratory?’  Or ‘did you know that we’ve reactivated a satellite to detect incoming asteroids?’ Or ‘did you know that scientists have found water under the surface of the moon?’

Each one is pretty amazing, and I just read that we are working on Warp Drive – that means faster than the speed of light. What appeared in science fiction only decades ago is becoming a reality.

The funny thing to me is that these themes, that are quickly becoming a reality, are sprinkled throughout in my writings – in books about The Green Man. So by thinking about these things did my mind create them in reality?

Hmmm… if that’s the case then why can’t I create a winning lottery ticket? I can only surmise that the Universe prefers that I create things that coincide with my writing, my stories.